This article was updated in June 2023 to include information on the Online Minibus Compliance Course. 

It was reported in Route One on 25th February that the Deputy Traffic Commissioner John Baker has refused to return four impounded minibuses to Claremont School of Ebden’s Hill, St Leonards on Sea, when it was discovered they were being used for reward or hire (beyond operating costs) without an Operator’s Licence.

Schools can operate minibuses in one of two ways;

  1. Under a Section 19 Permit, organisations can charge their passengers (not members of the public) a reasonable sum for the use of the minibus that covers the costs of use, including paying a driver, but cannot be making a profit from them.
  2. If organisations wish to make a profit from their minibuses, they must do so under an O licence, an operator’s licence, which requires an appointed transport manager and fully trained drivers with a D1 licence and CPC training.

The article doesn’t give much detail but reports school management had not realised that all transport activities must stop until compliance was achieved, following a warning. The school has since applied for the return of the buses on the grounds that it did not know that they were being used in contravention of the law but were refused.


Confusion over minibus compliance

School minibus management continues to be a complex grey area, and most schools seem to be managing on the most basic of information without appointing a specific person to understand and be responsible for the compliance and safety issues of managing their minibuses and drivers, whether it is one minibus or an entire fleet.

Castle Minibus identified this in 2017 when it launched its Greater Than 8 campaign, with an online petition, to raise awareness of minibus licensing and encourage the best practise of getting all drivers trained with a full D1 if they’re driving more than 8 passengers. This would bring the UK in line with Europe,  and ensure that all drivers had taken a medical and eyesight test as well as passing the theory and practical element of the test.

70% of schools didn’t know about a Section 19 Permits or 10-week safety inspections

Following calls to over 300 schools to inform them of a change in guidance from the DVSA from 17 week to 10-week intervals for safety inspections, it was apparent to Castle that 70% of schools had a very poor understanding of minibus compliance and so Castle Minibus wrote a Minibus Compliance Course.

With initial input from a former traffic police officer and Castle’s ADI trainers and then approved by RoSPA and Beverley Bell, Former Senior Traffic Commissioner for the UK the course was launched in September 2018.

Beverley Bell, Former Senior Traffic Commissioner for the UK comments “‘The law in this area is complex and not always easily understood by schools and their teaching staff with severe penalties for non-compliance – as well as the risk to the safety of your pupils. It is therefore vital that your school “gets it right”.

Whilst there are still grey areas that have not been tested by law the course is able to give clear guidance on compliance and safety best practise that will enable schools to decide on their minibus policies, and document and record all that is needed to keep them compliant and running as safely as possible.

Castle Minibus has identified six cornerstones of compliance for schools to consider, all of which are covered in the Minibus Compliance Course;

  1. Responsibility and documentation
  2. 10-week safety inspections
  3. Daily walk-around checks
  4. Permits
  5. Licensing
  6. Vehicle weights

Assessment Course

For many delegates who have attended the MCC they’ve come away with clear action points for compliance, such as completing 10-week safety inspections and     daily minibus safety checks. The course also gives them food for thought on elements of best practise, where the law may be unclear, to ensure that their school is doing everything they can to stay on the right side of the law and keep their precious cargo safe.

For more information on dates and venues for the minibus compliance course please visit or call Castle’s compliance team on 01869 253744.

The Minibus Compliance Course is now only available online  – click here for more details.