To provide the best value for our clients Castle will no longer be offering short-term hire for less than 12-months. Short-term minibus hire has always been a popular option for schools, but now shorter-term hire prices are continuing to rise the 12-month hire offers significantly better value.

Schools are facing an uncertain time while they work out how social distancing can happen in reality – in the classroom, corridor, playground and of course with school transport. A 12-month hire will allow for additional seats at a predictable cost for the foreseeable future; an additional vehicle for busy periods, no responsibilities for service and maintenance and free pickup and delivery from Castle.

10 reasons why you might want to choose a 12-month hire from Castle Minibus.

  1. A 12-month hire is cheaper than regularly hiring short term. Short term hire prices are starting to exceed £200 + VAT per day and if you hired a 17 seat minibus once a week over 40 weeks a 12-month hire is approx. 10% cheaper over the year.
  2. Fix the cost of hire over 12 months. Know exactly how much the minibus will cost each month with your only expense being fuel and insurance.
  3. No concerns about cleaning and sanitation. With a 12-month hire, the minibus stays with you so you will be able to implement and action a cleaning and sanitation routine that you are comfortable with. We have a COVID-19 safe delivery process and your minibus will be delivered fully valeted and sanitised.
  4. Have an additional vehicle at your disposal for social distancing. If you need additional seats to see you through the foreseeable future a 12-month hire is perfect as there is no long-term commitment beyond the initial 12 months.
  5. Fully maintained contract including annual MOT and Service along with breakdown cover. All you need to do is add is fuel and insurance.
  6. Use as much as you need. Because you have the minibus for 12 months you can use it whenever and as much as you need in line with your agreed mileage allowance.
  7. 10-week safety inspections included. These inspections are required under a Section 19 Permit for all minibuses with 8+ passenger seats. These need to be carried out every 10 weeks for vehicles under 12 years and every 6 weeks for those 12 years+. Castle Minibus include these inspections with a 12-month hire. Qualified independent engineers will complete these checks on-site at school so you don’t have to worry about taking the vehicle off-site.
  8. 12 months access to our online Minibus Compliance Course. Saving your school at least £195 and allowing members of your staff the opportunity to achieve a minibus compliance certification. Our online course is the only one in the UK, is approved by RoSPA, and covers everything schools and drivers need to know to stay safe and legally compliant.
  9. Flexible options. At the end of the 12 months rental, there would be a range of options available to you. These may include extending for a further 12 months or even purchasing the minibus. You could also explore leasing on a brand new minibus.
  10. Save on Insurance as a Castle customer. James Brown and Sons (Somerset) Ltd recognise that a Castle Minibus client is less likely to have an incident because of Castle Minibus’ high safety standards, especially if they have completed the Online Minibus Compliance Course. They have negotiated insurance rates that reflect the reduced risk that holders of the MCC represent and even allow a further 10% discount for Castle customers.

We have a wide range of vehicles available for 12-month hire from 9 to 17 seaters and prices start at just £520 + VAT (based on a 3 + 11 payment profile). Call us today on 01869 253744 or email to see how we can help you save time and money or discuss your requirements in detail.