At the end of 2019 we surveyed our clients with a short simple questionnaire to see how we could improve our service.

We were very pleased with the results, firstly that our customers took the time to complete the survey and secondly that we were able to incorporate learnings and subsequent changes into our 2020 commitment to customers.

We asked.

  1. Were you happy with our range of services?
  2. Did you find the Castle team helpful?
  3. And any suggestions for improvement

In summary, you scored us 8 out of 10 for our range of services and 8.5 out of 10 for how helpful Castle’s team have been to customers.

Suggestions for improvement included general comments of praise like ‘just keep doing what you’re doing’ to more specific requests such as ‘Campaign to bring UK Minibus legislation in line with the EU: Compulsory D1 licence required please.’ You also brought our attention to individuals in the business who were considered exemplary and situations where you had felt let down by either our service levels or those of a third party.

We have taken all your comments on board and committed to the following improvements for our customers in 2020.

You mentioned issues with communication and updates and support. So, we will…

  1. Renew our commitment to and invest in better client communication
    1. Increase training for our staff on clear communication
    2. Improve our live web chat facility
    3. Send regular emails to customers including compliance information

Your feedback included comments on dealing with third parties through Castle such as the leasing companies and 10-week inspections. So, we will…

  1. Work Closely with our partners to continually improve the services we deliver.
  2. Endeavour to use clear and concise language to better manage customer expectations

You asked us to continue to educate and lead the way with safety and compliance, to work with school associations and campaign for compulsory D1 licences (which we did in 2016). So, we…

  1. Promise to remain Champions of Minibus Safety
    1. Delivering education on compliance, safety and best practice
    2. Exert pressure where we can on the grey areas in minibus compliance

You gave us an overall score of 8.5 for how helpful Castle are, although some comments highlighted specific past issues it also let us know we have some real stars on our team. So, we will

  1. Invest in motivating and training Castle’s staff to provide excellent customer service

What are we doing about it?

We are only 8 weeks into 2020 but we have made a start on the practical steps we need to take to show that we do ‘walk the walk’ where are promises are concerned.

  • Chris Maynard, our Managing Director is now a governor of a local primary school so, not only can he support his local community, but he can get experience and better understand the challenges schools face across all areas, not just minibuses.
  • We launched STRIDA a new free app for school transport managers and drivers to easily complete, record and manage daily and weekly minibus checks
  • Castle are in the final stages of becoming an approved partner with the ISBL which will help us gain insight into what challenges there are for the state sector and hopefully enable us to widen our reach to educate on minibus safety and compliance education.

We would like to thank all those that took part in our survey, your feedback is crucial to our continual improvement and we plan to complete another one later in 2020 to see if we can measure that improvement.

In the meantime, we welcome all and any feedback so feel free to email and your comments will be passed on and included into future assessments of how we’re doing.