CODA is an online tool that enables schools to risk assess their drivers online and offer additional online training to be continually supporting and improve driver’s skills. The assessment takes around 20-25 minutes for drivers to complete, and they receive an immediate low, medium or high (green, amber, red) risk score in four areas 1. Attitude 2. Knowledge 3. Concentration and Observation Skills and 4. Hazard Perception Skills. The platform is provided by e-Training World and sales and marketing director Jonathan Mosley worked closely with Castle create a minibus specific training module

Following your assessment, you are sent four training modules to complete in your own time – depending on the scores of your assessment. Your results and progress show on a dashboard that Castle personalises for your school with your logo and any driver policies you want to be added.

How can you use the system help to reduce your insurance premiums?

In our video above Jonathan Moseley explains how Fleet companies are using the results of their driver risk assessments to drive down the cost of their insurance. “In terms of how this system is used by companies to help drive down their insurance costs. I think the main thing is the number of claims people make because drivers with company vehicles, vehicles that aren’t their own, can be complacent. They can have more knocks and scrapes than usual, as they can treat that vehicle slightly differently to their own car.

“In the insurance sector, the insurers do is put their clients’ drivers through this system to help them become safer drivers and reduce the number of collisions they have. And so for the companies using the system, that’s good news for them because whilst there’s not a direct relationship between using the system and getting a reduction in your insurance if you use the system over time, and that brings down your number of collisions, then ultimately you’re in a much stronger position to say “look, we don’t have as many crashes anymore, how can that be reflected in better insurance rates?”

It’s a really important area for schools to now risk assess their drivers to make sure they understand who are the good and bad drivers and to take appropriate action through modular training to make them as safe as possible. We think that’s a really important message, both for the school, that they want to be safe, and for the parents as well to know that while their children are at school and being driven they can trust that it’s being done as safely as possible.

Try a demo of CODA by clicking here and get in touch with our friendly compliance team who will help you with any questions and get you started.

Insurance through Castle Minibus with James Brown and Sons (Somerset) Ltd. 

Castle Minibus can now introduce you to James Brown and Sons who can offer insurance for leased vehicles from two to five years, one year vehicle hire contracts and used sales vehicles

Our selected insurance partner offer a further 10% concession on your premium if you book and attend the MCC within 60 days of accepting the policy. Click here for more information on our Online Minibus Compliance Course

Three-year insurance premium guarantee – for two to five-year leasing customers
Provided the customer remains claim free there is a guarantee not to increase the premium paid by Castle customers for a period of three years from the start of the lease. This guarantee is only available to customers who have undertaken the Castle Minibus Compliance Course. James Brown and Sons (Somerset) Ltd will issue three consecutive annual policies but at identical premiums for each period. Please note this premium guarantee does not extend to include changes to the rate of Insurance Premium Tax.

Please note: Castle Minibus is not an insurance broker and acts solely as an introduction service for James Brown and Sons (Somerset) Ltd.