As schools slowly return to a ‘new normal’ they may find that they need to lease or rent more vehicles to manage school runs. Similarly they may decide they want to downsize the number of vehicles in their fleet and sell a vehicle to Castle Minibus. Our delivery drivers are working and delivering and collecting vehicles as normal, but following Covid-19 safe guidelines.

If you’re expecting a vehicle or collection from Castle and are concerned about safety then please rest assured every customer is sent a copy of these guidelines to keep all collections and deliveries as safe as possible.

What will our driver and Castle Minibus do?

  • When we arrive on your premises our driver will call your designated person to notify them of our arrival rather than entering any buildings or a reception
  • Our driver will be equipped with PPE and will wear gloves and sanitise prior to commencing the handover process
  • Our driver will maintain a two metre distance from your designated person at all times
  • If we need to show / discuss any areas of damage on a vehicle, this will be done two metres apart and the damage must be looked at by one party at a time
  • We will sanitise all the ‘key contact areas’ in the vehicle prior to handing over
  • We will place the keys (after being sanitised) and any paperwork on driver’s seat
  • If we are collecting a vehicle we will sanitise all the ‘key contact areas’ in the vehicle before we drive it away

What is required from you, the customer?

  • We need you to nominate one person to facilitate the collection or delivery
  • Please provide us with their name and contact telephone number so we can call them when we arrive at your premises
  • We need you to ensure that this nominated person;
    • Is provided with a copy of this guidance
    • Has no symptoms of COVID-19 to help keep our staff safe. If they do, please nominate another person otherwise we may have to abort the collection or delivery. Safety is our number one priority.
    • Maintains a distance of two metres from our driver at all times
  • Where we are collecting, place the keys and all paperwork on the driver’s seat (preferably in an envelope) with the door open in the presence of our driver
  • You will be required to sign for the collection or delivery electronically and this can be done on your own device by our driver sending a text message with a link to do this safely to maintain social distancing
    • Our driver will talk your nominated person through this on the day. It is a very easy and quick process

Our priority is to keep everyone safe as well as provide you with your new minibus, or collect your old one. If you’ve any questions or concerns over delivery or collection please call 01869 253744.