Castle have been supplying minibuses to schools and the education sector for over 25 years. We often talk about the schools we work with but rarely mention the outdoor education centers that we are very pleased to have worked with over the years. Minibuses play a vital role for these organisations transporting excited children and equipment to their activities and then picking them up exhausted at the end of the day.

The value of outdoor education is indisputable. Outdoor learning immediately conjures images of exploration and excitement; connecting with the outside world – whatever the environment – and being able to learn in an entirely different way from the classroom. Outdoor learning trips can include overnight expeditions, woodland and coastal explorations, community and youth activity courses, multi-day explorations and adventure sports. It is not just schools and outdoor centers that use minibuses; Scouts, Sea Cadets, Brownies for example as well as community groups such as churches and youth clubs all use minibuses to facilitate invaluable outdoor activities and trips.

Castle minibus recently supplied vehicles to the Staines and Egham Sea Cadets and Royal Eltham Scouts. These types of groups often take advantage of Castle’s used minibus offering; ex-school minibuses that Castle knows the complete history of from new. The vehicles come with a trading standard approved 82-point check, 12 months RAC warranty, a year’s RAC roadside recovery and to help stay compliant with your section 19 permit, 10-week safety inspections for the next 12 months.

Based in Oxfordshire, Castle Minibus is proud to supply minibuses to Oxfordshire Outdoors. The Oxfordshire Outdoors Learning Service’s mission is to ‘provide inspirational, challenging, high quality outdoor learning courses achieving success through involving, valuing, supporting and developing all users’ and a vision ‘to become the preferred provider of high quality outdoor learning opportunities for schools and communities, within and outside of Oxfordshire’.

Castle Minibus are very proud to be supporting this mission, with three minibuses delivered in 2018 and another 6 followed to replace their entire fleet.

‘Finally, they are here. It’s been a long wait, but we now have 6 brand new minibuses across the Service, and they replace the older buses within the fleet. They will make a real difference to our work.’

The minibuses were logoed and liveried before delivery so that the OOLS could proudly advertise their high standard of outdoor education on the roads immediately, as well as delivering children and equipment for canoeing, orienteering in and around their three centers: Kilvrough Manor in the Gower Peninsula, Woodlands in Glasbury on Wye or Yenworthy Lodge in North Devon.

You only have to have a look at their Instagram account to see the fantastic time the kids are having and the diverse activities they get up to.

We are equally delighted that in their health and well being section of the website they mention that their minibus fleet complies with current transport standards. It is important that organisations understand what is involved in managing a fleet of vehicles and consider minibuses an important part of their safety policies.

Unfortunately the Oxfordshire Outdoor Centers are all currently closed because of the Corona Virus but we’re confident that when schools return and social distancing and lockdown restrictions are eased, schools, teachers and pupils will, more than ever, be looking to get back outdoors to connect with nature, the environment and each other.

Castle Minibus would be delighted to help more outdoor education centers upgrade or add to their minibus fleets in the confidence that we are already trusted by several such organisations and that like you, safety is our number one priority.

For more information on Castle Minibus please visit, or call 01869 253744. Our used sale pages have all our current used vehicles listed with video walk arounds and all the details you need. While you cannot see them in person, we are happy to have a conversation about what you are looking for and how we might help.

Main image credit:  Chang Duong on Unsplash