Do you know what records you should be keeping and for how long? What about evidence of daily vehicle checks, safety inspections and driver checks or training?

Castle Minibus are Champions of Minibus Safety and unlike our competitors, we have a comprehensive range of services to help you not only run a safer minibus fleet but evidence it too.

Back in 2018, the Deputy Traffic Commissioner outlined the practical benefits that proper record keeping can have for operators including schools.

Effective maintenance systems – keeping proper records means your maintenance systems are more likely to operate well. Any failures will show up and can be fixed promptly. (Do you keep records of daily vehicle checks and safety inspections?)

Prevent future issues – keeping proper records means that if something does go wrong on one of your vehicles, you’ll be able to work out what has gone wrong and what needs to be done to avoid problems in the future. (Are your drivers frequently damaging your minibus’ roof, wing mirrors or wheels?)

Trust – by keeping proper records you can prove to the traffic commissioner that you are a good operator. Trust is really important. If you have proper records and can produce those to the enforcement agency and traffic commissioner, that trust won’t be broken. (Are you confident you understand all that’s required under a Section 19 Permit?)

Proper record-keeping at your fingertips with Castle:

  • A free app for schools to complete, record and manage daily vehicle inspections and flag up and remedy any problems.
  • Onsite 10-week safety inspections from independent qualified engineers – inspection planning and records are also held by Castle. These inspections can also include pre-MOT reports.
  • Online driver assessment so you can prove that you regularly risk assess all your drivers and provide them with additional training. The programme allows you to monitor and manage all your drivers and monitor their progress.
  • Certified compliance and safety course so schools can evidence they have trained their transport managers, bursars or drivers in minibus management under a Section 19 Permit.
  • Fully maintained 12-month rental and leasing agreements so all safety inspections, servicing and MOT records are held as duplicates for you. Used vehicles come with 12 months of safety inspections and an RAC warranty to help you in the first 12 months of ownership.

Castle Minibus are Champions of Minibus Safety, the trusted advisor of over 2000 UK schools and organisations who understand that minibus safety and compliance is not a choice and know that evidence is a big part of this.

Compliance with the regulatory regime is a requirement of continuing to hold a licence. It is not something to be observed as and when an operator finds it convenient to do so or something that can be put on the back burner”

Hugh Olson, the Deputy Traffic Commissioner for Scotland

We have lots of competitors selling minibuses but what they don’t do is help you manage your fleet, educate your staff and evidence all these Section 19 Permit safety requirements so that when you have a health and safety, OFSTED or DVSA inspection you will have all the paperwork/evidence of your minibus safety at your fingertips.

Enquire about our safety services; inspections, driver assessment and certified training today on 0186 253744 or so you will have safer vehicles and drivers as well as having all you need ready for when you need it