The Castle Driver Training Minibus Compliance Course officially launched with RoSPA approval in September 2018. Since we started, we have been keen to gather feedback from our candidates in an effort, not only to gauge popularity, but to assess the needs of the attendees and ensure we are hitting the spot with the content we’re delivering.

The foundation of the course relies on four key areas of understanding;

The legal framework

The framework under which schools operate their vehicles is explored and learning is facilitated with factual statements, and open questioning with our ADI driver trainers.

The vehicle

We understand the challenges that drivers face when it comes to ensuring you are following all the guidelines and keeping records for compliance. We talk through and clarify the checks and inspections that are necessary whilst discussing best practise in a group.

The driver

Who faces what responsibilities? We discuss the driver’s and the school’s responsibilities regarding the management of school transport and the driving team and talk about the penalties of mis-management.

The journey

Discovering how different schools plan a journey and what you should be doing under best practise, for example break times on longer journeys, and emergency protocols are covered.

These four key areas of understanding aim to reduce the risk of accidents and the likelihood of prosecution, improve safety for drivers and passengers and raise confidence in the schools’ transport operations systems.

Feedback from our course attendees

Our feedback forms ask for a score out of ten, and suggestions for improvement. In the month we launched, we were exceptionally pleased with an overall score of 9.0, and then in October we received an average score of 9.2.

November saw an average of 9.2 again, with December reaching an outstanding high score of 9.7 out of ten.

Clearly, we are proud of the improvements in the scores we have achieved. However, we believe it is indicative of how open we are to receive feedback, positive or negative and implement what we learn to ensure that we can offer the highest value of learning to all our course attendees.

One of the most recent comments we received was from Sanj Dhadda, Business Manager of Arnold Lodge School, who said;

‘This course was quite easily the most useful session I have attended in two years of joining the education sector.’

On the same day, Philip Chalkley of Wycliffe College said,

‘Very well presented. A lot of very important info obtained. Ideal length of course and made to feel very much at ease.’

While Adrian McCudden said,

‘Outstanding, worth attending. This is a must for schools. The trainers made the course.’

New Minibus Compliance Course dates for 2019

We have training course dates available to book into April 2019, reaching across the UK. We hope to see many more attendees in 2019 and will be adding May and June dates shortly. As you can see from the map, the course has travelled to convenient locations for many schools and we look forward to visiting a venue near you soon.

To register an interest in coming to an MCC day, please visit the Minibus Compliance Course page on our website, or call one of team on 01869 253744.