Castle Minibus is aware that the costs of training may be a deterrent to some schools, who in turn may be tempted to opt for the ‘lightweight’ minibus option and therefore avoid the need for D1 licence training all together. However, as we explain on our Lightweight Minibuses page, this could leave the school, driver and passengers at un-necessary risk of accident, or prosecution in the event of an incident.

We have therefore devised two training packages with corresponding cost options, to help schools cover the costs of D1 driver training for the safest possible option of school transportation.

Both packages include the added bonus of compliance and refresher courses.

Minibus training packages explained

D1 training

Castle Minibus has been training school minibus drivers since 2013. Our driver trainers are ADI qualified and are proud of our 89% pass rate (twice the national average). D1 minibus driver training involves one to one practical training, online theory training, walk around and licence checks. All you have to do is arrange your sight check and show up!

Castle’s Minibus Compliance Course

The Minibus Compliance Course is a one day training day where you are taught about the requirements of lawful compliance when operating a minibus. As well as developing reliable systems and processes to stay compliant with Section 19 Permit regulations, you will have an introduction to the School Transport Manager app. This may not be for you, but your school’s transport manager can take advantage of this free place.

Section 19 required minibus driver refresher training

Refresher courses are a requirement of a Section 19 Permit-holding school or establishment, and should take place at least every four years, or sooner if an incident requires it. Again, you do not need to be the individual who takes this opportunity, it can be taken by any member of staff who requires it.

How to book your minibus training

Visit our dedicated D1 driver training page or contact one of our team on 01869 717608. Our website includes an instant chat facility if you have any questions, or you can email us on