The Minibus Compliance Course (MCC) launched in September 2018, so we thought we’d have a look at the numbers so far…

First off, the Minibus Compliance Course covers FOUR essential areas;

  1. The legal framework under which schools operate their vehicles, including who has the responsibility for compliance
  2. The vehicle itself and the challenges teacher-drivers face, the required pre-journey checks and regular safety inspections
  3. The driver’s responsibilities, as well as the schools, and the penalties they could face if they fail to fulfil them
  4. The journey and emergency protocols.

Delivering the Minibus Compliance Course

In TEN months of delivering the course, we’ve met just over FOUR HUNDRED schools.

TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY of those schools were independent.

FIVE representatives of BT Fleet Solutions have attended prior to becoming Castle partners for minibus safety inspections.

ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of all attendees said they would recommend the MCC to colleagues and other schools.

Our average score rating at the end of the training days is NINE POINT TWO out of TEN (92%).

We’ve been to EIGHTEEN cities across the UK in THIRTEEN different counties and established ongoing relationships with all schools on social media, where available.

After the training

Castle Minibus has received requests from ONE in SIX schools for advanced support with a site visit.

We have secured a TEN PERCENT concession for attendees on their minibus insurance premiums*.

BT Fleet Solutions now provide FOUR essential services for our customers: minibus safety inspections, vehicle servicing, pre-MOT checks, and collect and return annual MOTs.

Castle has issued over FOUR HUNDRED certificates for our attendees to proudly display as evidence of their ongoing commitment to upholding a school transport safety system.

We’ve grown our team of customer service professionals by adding TWO specialists in minibus compliance – just for you.

*Read more about the concessions available on your minibus insurance on the website. And call our friendly compliance specialists, Joe or Sophie on 01869 253744 or email to talk more about getting, and keeping your school transport management system compliant…