When the time comes to replace your school minibus for a new or larger model, there can be pitfalls that you will want to avoid.


There will be costs associated with selling your minibus. First of all, you will want to get it serviced before you advertise. Then there’s the cost of the advertising itself, and someone to coordinate and manage the placements of the adverts and the enquiries that advert will undoubtedly generate.

Time wasting tyre kickers

Finding the time and the staff to show an interested buyer around the vehicle is one thing, but you will encounter the type of buyer that is simply there to kick the tyres and suck air through their teeth, whilst they figure out how they can negotiate a cheap deal from you. These are the time wasters that can end up costing your school a lot of time and therefore money.


You’re selling your minibus, probably because it needs renewing, and the funds raised will go towards the replacement vehicle. Do you have time to negotiate with tyre kickers, or do you just want to hear from genuine buyers that understand the advertised cost?

Removal of your livery

Once your school’s previous pride and joy has left the premises, will the livery still be displayed? Who will remove your logos and contacts from the bodywork, or will a potentially irresponsible driver risk the reputation of your school by leaving it on?

The risks that your staff and school are facing when it comes to selling your minibus can end up costing your school avoidable losses in time and money, and even police investigation if an accident were to occur post-sale.

The solution: Part exchange your old minibus for a new or ex-leased school minibus

You can safely dispose of your old school minibus by using the service provided by Castle Minibus. Castle Minibus offer schools a risk and hassle-free way to retire your old vehicle and rehome it where possible, mostly with community groups, scout groups and the like. No advertising costs, time wasters, repeated viewings or any after-sales comeback.

Chris Maynard says of the minibus rehoming scheme, ‘One of the main problems with selling second-hand vehicles is your potential involvement with any come-back following the sale. We have known schools to be contacted following vehicle breakdowns after the sale which causes a lot of hassle and wasted time and money’

We buy old school minibuses, service them, remove all livery and the funds raised can be used in buying a new minibus as we offer part exchange if needed. Even if schools aren’t replacing their minibus and choose to rent a vehicle when needed we are still happy to buy their old minibus for our rehoming scheme, it makes commercial sense for all parties and also benefits community groups who can then purchase a second-hand vehicle from a reputable company whose priority is safety.

When asked about formal government or Department for Education advice, Chris went on to say, ‘There is very little advice from official departments regarding the selling of second-hand school minibuses. School Transport Managers and Bursars are effectively on their own when it comes to replacing their vehicles, which is why Castle has become a trusted advisor to schools where minibuses are concerned from purchasing or leasing a school minibus, to training in compliance of the law.’

Castle Minibus are the champions of minibus safety and as such aim to provide accessible ways for UK schools to remain as safe and compliant where their minibuses are concerned.

For more information call 01869 253744 or email enquiries@castleminibus.co.uk