Driver CPC is the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence. It is required by law that professional drivers of lorries, buses, coaches and minibuses hold a Driver CPC to continue their work. You only require a Driver CPC if you are paid to drive, but there are other exemptions you may qualify for, as outlined here.

The DVSA requires that those requiring Driver CPC undertake regular top-up training amounting to 35 hours every 5 years.

JAUPT accreditation – Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training

The Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training was created to assist the DVSA and DVA (Northern Ireland) in the management of the quality assurance programme for the periodic training for the Driver CPC.

JAUPT is a specific business set up to ensure that drivers receive training that is fit for purpose and has been approved by the DVSA or DVA.

The standards expected of drivers are consistently high and therefore there is a rigorous process for any centre that wishes to be accredited to carry out training. For each of the courses we provide we have to be approved by JAUPT. They check to make sure that all information provided is legal, up to date and of relevance to professional drivers, and that the company and trainers who provide the Driver CPC training meet the required standards for approval.

We have been offering the initial qualification, the D1 driver training course, for some time but with the JAPUT accreditation we can now not only offer the D1 licence driver training, but by adding an extra day you can take your Driver CPC with us too.

Consequences of driving without the proper Certificate of Professional Competence

For schools who employ paid drivers, there is a need to check if they meet the legal requirements for Driver CPC regulations, as the implications in driving illegally are high. Consequences include fines for drivers, which can be as much as £1000; licence revocation; heavy fines for schools and transport managers; revocation of operators’ licences; vehicle seizure and without Driver CPC you could be driving without insurance as well.


To check if the drivers at your school require Driver CPC we recommend you call the DVSA or contact your local traffic commissioner. Please also feel free to call Castle on 01869 253744 for any further information about the training we can offer.