Jonathan Moseley from e-Training World the online platform that powers CODA (Castle’s online driver assessment) explains how a drivers attitude can be risk assessed to ensure safer driving.

CODA enables schools to assess their drivers online and offer additional online training to be continually supporting and improve driver’s skills. The platform has been around for 15 years and it’s a market-leading platform used widely within the fleet industry by companies like QB Insurance, The Post Office, G4S Security, Northgate Vehicle Hire, Argos and the North East Ambulance Service.

It takes around 20-25 minutes for drivers to complete, and you are given an immediate low, medium or high risk (green, amber, red) in four areas including attitude. Following the assessment, four training modules are sent to be completed. Your results and progress show on a dashboard that Castle personalises for each school with your logo and any driver policies you want to be added. Once your dashboard is set up you just need to purchase codes from Castle that you email to your drivers for them to get started with their assessments.  You can add and remove drivers as your staff come and go.

Jonathan Moseley comments  “In terms of how your attitude will affect your driving, there are two sides to this:

1. There’s your attitude on a certain day, and that can be affected by your mood. So, for example, if you’ve had a stressful day as a teacher, and you’re running late, and you’ve got to drive a minibus to a sports event, or a concert, you could have been quite wound-up in the classroom that day and just feeling really frustrated.

“2. There’s also another side to attitude, which is generally how risky a lifestyle you lead, and that’s in a different way in terms of let’s say you’re not feeling too well. Some people would say “I’m just not feeling well today, quite poorly, I just don’t think it’s safe for me to drive that minibus because I’m feeling lightheaded or tired”.  Someone else might think, “Do you know what? I’m fine, I’ll be okay behind the wheel today.” And that’s how attitude is very important in terms of getting someone with the right attitude to be driving your children safely. We’re assessing how much risk their attitude to driving allows them to take.

“At the end of the day, teaching staff are driving minibuses with young people in, these are the children of families who have entrusted the school with their sons and daughters during the day. You want to be sure that if they’re on a school trip of any kind, whether it’s just going down to a local school to play sport against them, or heading off to the theatre somewhere, you want to be sure that that vehicle is being driven safely.

“It’s a really important area for schools to now risk assess their drivers to make sure they understand who are the good and bad drivers and to take appropriate action through modular training to make them as safe as possible. I think that’s a really important message, both for the school, they want to be safe, and for the parents as well to know that while their children are at school and being driven they can trust that it’s being done as safely as possible.”

Try a demo of CODA by clicking here and get in touch with our friendly compliance team who will help you with any questions and get you started.