CODA is Castle Minibus’ online driver risk assessment platform

There are many benefits to using an online driver assessment. This platform is in no way intended to replace MiDAS or physical driver training but its price and convenience mean that you can risk assess your drivers more frequently without disrupting their working day. Although we have just mentioned two of the benefits we will be glad you give you 8 more.

  1. You can risk assess your drivers conveniently without disrupting their working day
  2. New members of staff or drivers can be quickly risked assessed before they drive for your organisation
  3. CODA is an affordable solution at only £25 (plus vat) per driver  – we are offering 4 driver codes for the price of two until April 31st 202
  4. Our traffic light system will highlight which of your drivers needs additional training to help improve their knowledge, skills, observation, or attitude
  5. Four training modules are offered regardless of the driver’s risk outcome – so all participants receive some refresher training
  6. Your organisation can see the results of all their drivers, the online training they have completed, and their improvements over time. Drivers will only see their own results
  7. You and your drivers can download and print the results of your risk assessments for reports or to display on your website or in your building
  8. This system is used globally and trusted by household names such as Argos, Royal Mail and regional Ambulance Services
  9. Castle can help you benchmark your drivers’ results against other schools or organisations in your region
  10. You can annually assess your drivers, on a date that suits the individual, rather than waiting for four year MiDAS training

What does the online driver risk assessment assess?

CODA asks 6 questions in four areas to test drivers:

  • Attitude – This is a multiple choice section and assesses attitudes to driving and other road users.
  • Knowledge – What is their knowledge of the highway code like out on the road, and how does this affect their driving
  • Hazard perception – Can they spot the clues to potential hazards out on the road?
  • Concentration/observation – How are their observation skills? Are they able to absorb all the info they need to

If you would like a demonstration of how your drivers are tested then click here. We need to take your details so you can see your results at the end. We will not use this as a sign you want us to contact you. In the demo you will be asked 3 questions from each of the sections above to give you an insight into what the full assessment is like. You will get a low, medium, or high-risk rating score – but this is just based on the demonstration.

Click to demo CODA

How to get set up with CODA? – Save 25% until the end of April 2023

Give Castle Minibus a call on 01869 253744 and we will talk you through the process and how many driver codes you initially need. Set-up is usually £125  but only £99 until April 31st 2023. All prices exclude VAT.

Set up involves you sending us your logo and any transport policies you want to be included on your dashboard -we will do this for you before we give you access. You can then login and invite your drivers, via email, with a unique code they will use to.

Once they have completed their assessment you will see their results displayed on the dashboard and also their progress on completing the four training modules.

Already have CODA and need more codes? Get 4 codes for the price of 2

Every driver you want assess needs a unique code to complete an assessment generated by Castle. These codes can then be found on your dashboard and you can email them to your drivers. Codes cost £25 each but currently we are offering 4 codes for the price of 2, until 31st April 2023.

Please do get in touch by calling 01869 253744 or email to make the most of this offer and purchase more codes, to be used now or in the future.