We received a testimonial this week that brought tears to our eyes, a teacher who felt her life, and the lives of two children she was currently driving had been saved because of the skills she’d learned on a recent MIDAS course delivered by our ADI instructor Cliff Kelly.

Usually viewed by most as an onerous task, that disrupts work routines, minibus training can be thought of as an annoyance. However, this is a first had example of how minibus driver training saves lives, prevents accidents and reduces the risks of travelling on Britain’s roads. Training should not be considered a pain-in-the-neck task that has to be done to keep your job, satisfy insurance requirements or ‘tick the box’.

Castle Minibus are trusted advisors to over 1500 schools with accreditations and associations for various services and training from RoSPA, the RAC and the ISBA. We are dedicated to being ‘champions of minibus safety’ and the moving testimonial that follows is the reason why we work so hard to gain national recognition for our minibus safety initiatives and provide exemplary minibus training delivered by the best ADI qualified instructors.

Fran attended our MiDAS training at the beginning of November. Jill Hicks, Bursar at St John’s CE Primary School, Blackpool got in touch to tell us Fran’s story. The following email was in response to Castle’s email to thank Jill’s staff members for attending a minibus training course and to offer our ongoing support where needed;

‘Hi Andrea,

Just a quick email to ask if you would pass on a special thank you to instructor Cliff who recently completed MiDAS training for some of our staff.

Fran, a member of our staff who completed the recent training, narrowly missed a four-car collision on the M6 on 11th November in which two people, sadly, lost their lives.

She has spoken to me today to say that she is convinced the advice and training given by Cliff ensured she avoided the accident which involved several cars immediately in front of hers. She said the training advice kicked in automatically and she was able to avoid the collision, thus saving herself and two children from harm.

Please do pass on our thanks to Cliff.

Kind regards

Jill Hicks


St John’s CE Primary School’

Although the vehicle Fran was driving at the time of the accident was her private car, the training she had received as part of her minibus driving responsibilities for the school ‘kicked in’ allowing her to make decisions and maneuvers that ultimately prevented harm coming to her and her young passengers.

We would like to thank Fran and Jill for allowing us to share this story. We cannot stress enough, the importance of keeping up to date with your minibus driver training, and this story is the perfect example of how it will serve you well in all driving situations.

Special mention to Cliff, our ADI driver trainer who often receives excellent testimonials.