Leasing FAQs

Anyone with the appropriate driving licence can drive one of the smaller minibuses. Drivers of larger 17-seat minibuses must have a D1 category on their driving licence.

Many schools and colleges need minibuses which can accommodate wheelchairs. Castle Minibus can supply a range of wheelchair-accessible minibuses with wheelchair restraint systems, ramps, and lifts.
No you cannot (by law) hire a minibus just to train. But as part of Castle driver training we provide the Euro 6 Ford Transport minibus with a tachograph that is required for testing.
Yes – however you will need a letter of authorisation and VE103 before travelling to the Republic of Ireland or Europe. You will need the correct insurance and overseas rescue assistance. In addition, minibuses travelling abroad will need a working digital tachograph and each driver will need their own individual tachograph card. Each driver must also hold an unrestricted D1. The Castle Minibus customer service team can explain this further and will be pleased to help you make the necessary arrangements.
Unlike cars (which do not require an MOT until after 3 years from new), minibuses must have an annual MOT test from year 1. Castle Minibus arranges the MOT as part of your Premier Service package. Your minibus is collected from your school or college premises and returned to you after its MOT test.

If you’re leasing a minibus we can have it delivered to you from two weeks including adding your logo and livery. If you’re hiring a minibus we have 600 sites UK wide so it can usually be delivered in 24 hours.

Training FAQs

You must have held your driving licence for a minimum of 2 years and be over the age of 21. If you passed your test before January 1997 you will be able to drive a minibus on a not-for-profit basis anyway (because licences gained prior to January 1997 entitle the driver to drive a minibus, but not commercially). If driving for profit you will need to take your D1 driving test.

Our highly qualified instructors will train you in a location of your choice. We also have a minibus that can be used, should you not have your own. Your practical test must be taken in a 17-seat minibus with a fitted tachograph facility.

Service Excellence

We understand what pressures teachers, school business managers, school governors and bursars are under, and what is involved in operating a minibus for a school. All our services are tailored to make your life easier.

  • Covid-19 safe for collections and deliveries

  • Online and practical driver risks assessment

  • Eco-efficient minibuses with additional safety specifications

  • Low deposit and minimal cash outlay

  • Safety inspections completed onsite by independent qualified engineers

  • Flexible short-term hire solutions

  • Vehicle logo and livery completed before delivery

  • Hassle-free minibus leasing including maintenance

  • The UK’s only Minibus Compliance Course (MCC) recognised by RoSPA

  • Help to reduce insurance premiums with Minibus Compliance Course

  • Keeping you compliant

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