Not sure what to do about your minibus contract? Need some more time to think? Then simply extend your current contract rather than renew with a new vehicle.

 If you are approaching the end of your minibus leasing contract you may be undecided about what you want to do and whether you want to commit to a new vehicle for the next two to five years.

One option you have is to simply extend your existing contract, and there are many reasons that schools decide to do so rather than choose a new minibus leasing contract at the moment.

  1. Workload priorities

Schools have so much to deal with at the moment with COVID-19, a new minibus might be the last thing on your mind. It is a long term commitment and does need some thought and consideration. By extending your current contract you can simply keep the vehicle you have at the same price until you have the time to consider alternative options.

Your Current vehicle continues to meet requirements

Just because your vehicle is a few years old does not mean that you need to replace it. You may be very happy with the minibus you have and see no need to change it, especially if your mileage is low and you have good looking livery and logo. Castle Minibus can continue to support you with 10-week safety inspections and other compliance elements so you can continue with the vehicle you have.

  1. Continuation of current costs

Extending your contract means the monthly costs you are used to stay the same. If you have budgeted the same amount for your minibus this year then this is an easy way to ensure you remain within it.

  1. Uncertainty of the future

COVID-19 has left us all in a very uncertain place. Whilst no one knows what the future holds children are returning to schools and social distancing must be maintained where it can. If you need additional vehicles but are not sure for how long – you can extend your contract for your existing vehicle and hire another vehicle from Castle for 12 months. This will save you money on repeated short-term hire and give you additional seats without a long term commitment.

  1. Time restraints and staff changes

We know that staff move around and that the responsibility for minibuses may fall to different roles within different schools. If you are unsure of who will have responsibility for a new bus or how this process is followed, then extending gives you time to get this in place.

We do not want you to feel like time is running out to decide what you want to do with your vehicle or commit to a new contract. By extending you have effectively pushed the pause button on any time restraints, and you can continue to have the minibus you are used to until you’re ready to make a change.

There are lots of options for minibuses with Castle Minibus

With the Autumn term starting schools are having to think about transport and their minibuses. Castle Minibus are keen to support schools and offer cost-effective solutions that will hopefully relieve financial and administration pressures.

Remove ‘new minibus contract’ from your to-do list and simply extend your existing agreement to keep the vehicle you have. You can add additional vehicles to your fleet by hiring a minibus for 12 months, a more cost-effective solution than repeated shorter-term hire throughout the year, with no commitment beyond the 12 months.

Whatever your situation, too many vehicles or not enough, speak to Castle Minibus who can help with purchases of new and used minibuses, leasing and 12-month hire. Call us today on 01869 253744 or email