The Field Studies Council (FSC) is an environmental education charity, registered in Scotland and England that provides opportunities for young people to enjoy the exploration and understanding of the environment. Castle Minibus is proud to be supplying both their vehicles and online driver assessments to help continually assess and improve their new and existing drivers’ skills.

The FSC focus on outside learning, natural history courses, art courses and campaigns for the right to outdoor learning and fieldwork. Their website states their commitments as:

  • Delivering first-hand experiences. FSC uses the environment to inspire. Taking in its sights, sounds and smells has the ability to motivate, deepen knowledge and broaden horizons.
  • Providing opportunities for everyone. FSC strives to provide opportunities for everyone regardless of age, ability or background. Some of our proudest moments have arrived when trying to help those that would not otherwise benefit from an FSC experience.
  • Sustainability for the future.A commitment to the environment is at the heart of everything FSC does: how we run the charity, what people learn on our courses and through our publications.
  • A caring attitude.From the way we treat our customers, our staff, the environments we work in and the feel of our locations, FSC demonstrates a personal approach with great care taken in everything we do. FSC

Full-service provision including minibus re-homing and CODA (Castle’s Online Driver Assessment)

Castle Minibus has been in talks with the FSC over a number of months, regarding the provision of minibuses until the end of 2019. We are very proud to have successfully negotiated the part-exchange of their existing fleet of minibuses and the replacement of the vehicles with a small fleet of Ford minibuses which will be maintained and inspected by Castle and partners, BT Fleet Solutions.

Castle Minibus will be on hand to provide additional services including short-term minibus hire and short-term insurance to go with it during peak season, and MiDAS training to ensure regular on-road training is undertaken.

To ensure the minibus drivers are of the highest possible standard for their young people, the FSC will also be signing up to CODA, Castle’s Online Driver Assessment programme that assesses drivers to determine their risk rating and delivers online training modules as part of an ongoing minibus safety system.

Working together for young people

Castle Minibus are particularly pleased to be working with the Field Studies Council as they have a shared interest in the safe transportation of young people in education as well as a desire to broaden horizons through outdoor experiential learning.

Chris Maynard, Managing Director of Castle Minibus comments ‘We’re looking forward to hearing more about the places the new minibuses will be visiting and the adventures the Council will be taking them on.’

Mark Bolland, Director of Infrastructure for the Field Studies Council said, ‘We are really thrilled that Castle Minibus have been awarded the contract to be the main supplier of vehicles to the Field Studies Council. We chose Castle Minibus based on price and their dedication to safety and compliance and the ability to both lease and hire vehicles flexibly, we are looking forward to receiving our managed fleet of Castle minibuses shortly.’

If your organisation is looking for a full complement of minibus management services, please get in touch with our friendly team on 01869 253744 or browse the other pages on our website.