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Who needs MiDAS training?

Anyone driving a minibus should complete some form of regular training or assessment. Driving a minibus is very different from driving a car, yet many school minibus drivers have never received professional training because they passed their test before January 1997 and have the D1 category on their licence. These drivers may be able to drive your school minibus legally, but it is recommended that they complete the MiDAS training every three years to refresh their knowledge and enhance their skills.

Safety First

MiDAS driver training is not a licence. Your school minibus drivers also need a D1 driving licence. MiDAS certificates last for four years before they need to be renewed but we recommend more frequent on-going driver checks and assessments including CODA an online risk assessment, termly licence checks and bi-annual eyesight and medical checks.

What’s involved in D1 driver training?

MiDAS is a nationally recognised scheme and participants are issued with a certificate on passing the assessment. The training is completed in a day and consists of theory training with a small test in the morning, a walk-around of the minibus so you understand the checks required before every use, and the afternoon consists of practical driving and training for any improvements.

Top-up Training

For those who have taken the D1 test, it’s also useful to take MiDAS as top-up training. Many people drive a minibus quite infrequently and MiDAS is ideal for refresher training – particularly when transporting children.

MiDAS Training

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