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Castle Gold Compliance StampCastle Minibus is dedicated to raising safety standards, promoting best practice and ensuring their clients have the knowledge and support to be confident in their decisions about minibus safety.

Following calls to over 300 schools to inform them of a change in guidance from the DVSA from 17-week to 10-week safety inspections, it was apparent to Castle that 70% of schools had a very poor understanding of minibus compliance. To tackle this Castle Minibus wrote the UK’s only Minibus Compliance Course for schools. which was launched in September 2018 and is now available online. As well as education on the legal issues surrounding minibus compliance, Castle has developed services to support school transport managers to help them with the daily administration and tasks demanded of them under the Section 19 Permit including onsite safety inspections and a free app to help manage daily vehicle checks and online driver risk assessments.

Castle launched the Online Minibus Compliance Course in June 2020 to allow access to more school staff, governors and heads, who could not attend a day course. Split into the four modules, the course is still the only way for schools to certify they have taken steps to train their staff on minibus compliance.

The law in this area is complex and not always easily understood by schools and their teaching staff, with severe penalties for non-compliance, as well as the risk to the safety of your pupils. It is therefore vital that your school gets it right and can prove they have taken steps to do so.
Beverley Bell, Former Senior Traffic Commissioner

Castle Minibus Celebrating 25 Years


  • Online Compliance Course approved by RoSPA

  • Certified minibus compliance course for school staff

  • Free app for daily walk around checks, STRIDA

  • Supplying only factory-built minibuses with additional safety features

  • Online driver risk assessments for regular evaluation

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Creating a robust safety system

Castle has identified three critical areas of compliance that are covered in the minibus compliance course and Castle Minibus offers support services to help schools create and evidence a robust minibus safety system.

Educating Staff

Educating staff about minibus compliance is key. We offer services designed solely for schools, to give you the knowledge to keep your minibus compliant and safe.

Minibus Compliance

Vehicle Checks

Regular vehicle checks can help make your minibus safer, more reliable and cheaper to run. We offer services that can take the hassle out of maintaining your minibus.

Safety Inspections

Driver Safety

Driving a minibus is a big responsibility so developing and testing driver skills is crucial. We can offer new and experienced drivers all the support they need.

Driver Training
Minibus Compliance with Rivus van displaying equipment for minibus safety inspections

Click here to view our new Compliance Brochure which includes details of a monthly payment option that will save you money.

Benefits of Minibus Compliance with Castle Minibus

  • Evidence compliance under Section 19 Permit

  • Monthly payment plan to cover compliance services

  • UK’s only provider of compliance education

  • Online options for multiple staff members

  • A robust minibus safety system for your school

  • Certified for evidence of minibus compliance

  • Reduces repair costs and insurance premiums

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