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Minibus Safety Inspections with Castle Minibus

If you operate a minibus under a Section 19 Permit, you are required to carry out regular minibus checks and inspections.  A walk-around check is required before each journey and safety inspections, completed by an independent qualified engineer, need to be completed every 10-weeks (6 weeks for vehicles over 12 years). These safety inspections are required in addition to regular services and MOTs and you must be able to provide evidence of completed checks for up to 15 months.

The Government’s Section 19 and 22 Permit recommendations for vehicles under 10 years of age state;

bearing in mind that passengers are to be carried on your vehicle, and possibly a number of different drivers used, you should carry out more frequent safety checks. DVSA recommend that inspections are carried out at least every 10 weeks.

Read the full government advice  here in Section 11.3

And for vehicles that are 12 years or older;

‘The guidance has reflected that older vehicles and trailers will need more frequent maintenance and has indicated a minimum safety inspection frequency of 6 weeks requirement for vehicles and trailers aged 12 years and older.’

Section four of the Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness

Champions of Minibus Safety

Your Section 19 Permit should be considered as a ‘badge of trust’, demonstrating your commitment to safety. Regular minibus safety inspections are not advisory, they are law. If you are unable to provide evidence of a schedule of safety inspections and walk-around checks, your Section 19 Permit is at risk of being confiscated by the issuing body or Traffic Commissioner.

Castle specialise in providing schools with all the support they need in running a safe and compliant minibus fleet. If you would like Castle to organise and complete your safety inspections, please call us today on 01869 253744.

Minibus safety inspections with Castle Minibus

You don’t have to be an existing Castle customer to have Castle take care of your minibus safety inspections. All you need to do is keep a plan of the inspection dates, so you are prepared.

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  • Safety inspections by independent qualified engineers

  • Pre-arranged on-site maintenance and any quick fixes

  • Pre-MOTs, MOTs and services

  • Vehicle pick-up and drop-off if necessary

  • Copy of inspection for compliant record keeping

  • Covid-19 Safe

 ‘Safety inspections should be subject to pre-planning and a maintenance planner or wall chart should be used to identify dates at least 6 months in advance of when they’re due. The system of safety inspections must be regularly monitored particularly in the early stages. You should be prepared to change the frequency of checks as appropriate based on your monitoring. Records of any remedial work carried out should be kept for at least 15 months.’

Read more of the government’s advice in point (10.3)

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Benefits of 10-week safety inspections with Castle Minibus

  • Evidence compliance under Section 19 Permit

  • Inspection completed on site, no collection or delivery

  • UK-wide coverage from two respected providers

  • Independent qualified engineers

  • Pre-MOTs, MOTs and services also available

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