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CODA –  Castle’s Online Driver Assessment

Assess your new and existing drivers easily and simply with CODA – Castle’s Online Driver Assessment, which is based on a traffic light system of low, medium and high risk. Developed by a leading risk-assessment software company as a reliable way to risk assess your drivers and document their results and subsequent online training.

While the online driver assessment is not intended as a replacement for practical assessments such as MiDAS or other forms of driver training, it is a proven and accurate way to risk assess your drivers and offer them additional driver training that can be undertaken online and in their own time.

For the drivers:

The safety assessment asks 12 questions in four different areas;

  • Attitude
  • Knowledge
  • Hazard perception
  • Concentration/observation.

At the end of the assessment the driver can see their risk rating for each sector and four training modules are recommended for them to complete dependent on their strengths and weaknesses.

For the school transport manager:

When you purchase your first set of codes for CODA, Castle Minibus will set you up a client account and dashboard, branded with your logo and including any policy documents you would like your staff to confirm they’ve read. You can then log-in and view your driver’s results and the training modules they have completed. There is a one-off administration cost for set-up of £125 (+vat).

The test, train and reassess package is only £25 (+vat) per unique login code for between 1 – 19 codes. That provides a unique login for the drivers to take the assessment, the training modules and when requested we will give the driver the opportunity to be reassessed. If you require 20+ unique login codes, the cost is only £20 (+vat) per code.

Safety First

Your staff are driving precious cargo and it is important to be regularly risk assessing their driving as you might do any other area of their performance. We recommend that you check driving licences termly and complete an online driver assessment every year. MiDAS training is available for practical and theory minibus tests but this is recommended only once every four years. If you assess your drivers regularly online you can be confident, and provide evidence, that the safety of your pupils and staff is being monitored and is paramount.

Benefits of Our Online Driver Assessment

For the Driver

  • Simple sign-in with a unique code

  • 20-minute test of four areas

  • Four training modules to refresh learning

  • Safer driving for you and your passengers

For the School

  • Record of regular risk assessments

  • Confirmation policy documents read

  • Affordable system

  • Branded with school logo

  • Dashboard of all driver results

  • Identification/notification of any high-risk individuals

  • Record of training and improvements

  • No loss of teaching time

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How it Works

  • You purchase codes from Castle Minibus from £20 – £25 plus the vat, per driver, and provide us with;

    1. Your school details
    2. School logo
    3. Any driving policy documents you want your drivers to read
    4. Confirmation all your drivers have email address (all users require an email address to sign in)
  • Castle Minibus will set you up on the system, give you access to a dashboard, and send you your driver’s codes

  • You then give your driver a code to complete their first assessment

  • You can then login to your dashboard and see the results of your drivers and their progress through the training modules

  • When the drivers have completed their online training modules, you can request a second assessment for your driver

  • Take the demonstration assessment, we’re not going to tell you how you did, but you can see how it works. Try Now

  • Six questions from an e-module so you can see how the online training works Try Now

Contacting us

Castle Minibus recommend best practice minibus management; All drivers of vehicles with over 8 passengers should have a D1 licence and should be driving a factory-built minibus.

Talk to Castle Minibus today about your minibus compliance concerns on 01869 253744 or email

CODA Castle’s Online Driver Assessment
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