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Minibus Driver Assessment

We are extremely proud to be working with over 2000 schools, academies, colleges and organisations across the UK.  Castle’s Minibus Driver Assessment Day was designed to complement MiDAS training by offering more driving time with our ADI driver trainers. It is the perfect way to offer onging training increasing experience, confidence and knowledge.

2000 Schools

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At Castle we’re extremely proud to be working with over 2000 schools, academies, colleges and organisations across the UK.

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Who needs a Castle Assessment Day?

Anyone driving a minibus should complete some form of regular training or assessment. Driving a minibus is very different from driving a car, yet many school minibus drivers have never received professional training because they passed their test before January 1997 and D1 entitlement on their licence. These drivers may be able to drive your school minibus legally, but it is recommended that they refresh their skills regularly. The Castle Assessment Day focuses on assessing  practical driving skills, improving driving skills and making recommendations for any further training.

Safety First

The Castle Assessment Day is not a replacement for a licence . Your school minibus drivers also need a D1 driving licence.  Castle Minibus offers several ways to evidence you are regualarly assessing your drivers both online with the  CODA an online risk assessment, and on-the-road with the Castle Assessment Day . Termly licence checks and bi-annual eyesight and medical checks are also recommended as part of a robust and compliant safety system.

What’s involved in Castles’ Minibus Driver Assessment Day?

The Castle Assessment is completed in a day the majority of which is spent accessing your drivers and providing training and supervised driving practise.

Practical Minibus Training

Castle’s Assessment Day is suitable for those who have taken the D1 test and those with automatic D1 (101) entitlement.  If your saff are drving minibuses infrequently or are nervous drivers this is an ideal refresher and confidence training.

Castle Minibus used for MiDAS

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