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Minibus Finder Service

If you’re looking for a used minibus, Castle Minibus can help you find the perfect vehicle.

This is a no-obligation service to help you find a quality used minibus for your school – whether it’s to buy or for 12-month rental.

Why use Castle’s minibus finder service?

There are a shortage of used vehicles coming onto the market currently, because the shortage of semiconductors has led to a shortage of new vehicles. This means finding used vehicles for sale is increasingly difficult. Castle Minibus’ used vehicles are mostly ex-leasing vehicles from their existing customers, so we have a supply of used vehicles, you won’t have access to.

  • Over 2000 clients with leased minibuses that we purchase at the end of their contracts
  • Access to closed vehicle auctions across the UK
  • A dedicated team searching for used minibuses
  • Experienced buyers who know what to look for and can get the right price

How does the minibus finder service work?

teamSimply put, tell us what you’re looking for and we will find that for you. If you don’t know where to start in terms of the type of minibus you want or need – then have a chat with our friendly team. They will take you through the things you need to think about such as licences and weights, numbers of seats and even finance options as we offer used vehicles for sale and for 12-month hire.

Once we know what you need -we will look out for these vehicles for you and when we have a suitable vehicle, we will notify you. There is no obligation for you to buy/rent this vehicle.

What is included with a used minibus from Castle?

You can buy or rent a used minibus from Castle Minibus with confidence because we include, as standard, all the extras you won’t find from other minibus dealers.

We are the UK’s only RAC approved minibus dealer which means all our used vehicles come with:

  • 12 months’ RAC warranty
  • 12 months’ roadside assistance
  • RAC 82-point safety check; this check is UK trading standards approved
  • 12 months’ MOT and full service
  • 12 months’ 10 week minibus safety inspections
  • Logo and livery
  • Free UK wide delivery

Got an old minibus to part-exchange?

Castle Minibus will buy your old minibus whatever it’s condition, or part-exchange it for a new used vehicle. This will ensure that your old vehicle’s livery is removed, and your reputation is protected from any irresponsible new owners. Many of our part-exchange vehicles go through the same RAC checks as above and are sold to sports clubs, churches, or scout groups, so you can rest assured it will be dealt with responsibly.

Selling you old school minibus to Castle means you won’t have to deal with any after-sale complaints or issues, and you will get a fair valuation to put toward a new vehicle.

Contact us

Simply complete the form below or give us a call on 01869 253744 to have a no-obligation discussion about what you’re looking for.

If you don’t know about how the size/weight of your minibus will affect the licences it can be driven with, don’t worry we can help explain. In the meantime, you might like to visit our Who can drive a minibus?’ information page.

Minibus Finder
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