Minibus Insurance from Castle

We know it can be hard to find the right insurance cover for minibuses at the right price, especially if you have multiple drivers that are changing all the time or you might want insurance for a short time period, like a single month’s hire.

Castle Minibus is now able to offer insurance for:

  • Leased vehicles from two to five years

  • Short-term hire vehicles from one month to one year contracts

Because our Minibus Compliance Course is designed to keep schools, their vehicles and drivers safer by understanding what is required to effectively manage a minibus and it’s drivers, we are offering a further 10% concession on your premium if you book and attend the MCC within 60 days to accepting the policy. Click here for more information on our Minibus Compliance Course

The Product

Annual motor insurance product providing fully comprehensive cover to schools, colleges and other educational establishments who have sourced a vehicle from Castle Leasing, secured with specially arranged lower premiums for Castle customers.

The Guarantee

Castle are committed to ensuring all their customers have access to insurance regardless of the customers insurance history.

Permitted Drivers

All policies will be issued based on ‘any licensed driver over the age of 25’. Typically, the insurance industry offers policies based on named drivers with an additional premium for wider cover. We offer this as standard.

Driver Training Concessions

We will automatically reduce your annual premium by a further 10% when you book and attend Castle’s Minibus Compliance Course within 60 days of policy inception.

Public Liability Extension

We can add an extension to the motor policy to provide Public Liability cover arising from the use of the vehicle. Areas of risk include potential claims in respect of passengers getting into or out of the vehicle, especially where the vehicle is not on a public road at the time of an incident. This cover is available for £50 plus IPT.

Three-Year Insurance Premium Guarantee – for two to five year leasing customers

We will guarantee not to increase the premium paid by our customers for a period of three years from the start of the lease provided that the customer remains claim free during that period. This guarantee is only available to customers who have undertaken the Castle Minibus Compliance Course. We will issue three consecutive annual policies but at identical premiums for each period. Please note this premium guarantee does not extend to include changes to the rate of Insurance Premium Tax.

Extensions/changes to vehicle hire periods – for short-term hire customers only

In the event that the customer elects to extend the hire period beyond 12 months we will allow the customer to renew the policy and then cancel cover on expiry of the hire period. Premiums for the extension period will be charged pro-rata with no short period penalties.

For more information on Castle’s insurance policies and to find out how much you can save with us call 01869 253744 today or email