This article was updated in June 2023 to include a recent video that explains what happens during a minibus 10-week safety inspection. 

Under a Section 19 Permit your minibus requires 10-week safety inspections. Let Castle Minibus arrange, book, complete and sort the paperwork. All that’s required from you are the keys.

Safety inspections must be carried out by qualified engineers and are in addition to MOTs, servicing and your daily walk-around checks. It’s vital that safety critical items, like braking systems, are checked regularly by a mechanic and any defects repaired.

The government recommends inspections every 10 weeks for vehicles under 12 years old, and every 6 weeks for vehicles aged 12 years and over. See DVSA advice.

A safety inspection report should include:

  • Vehicle details
  • A list of all the items to be inspected
  • When the inspections are carried out and by whom
  • The result of the inspection
  • Details of any rectification work and
  • A declaration that defects have been rectified satisfactorily.

We understand that booking these regular inspections and the logistics of getting the minibuses to an engineer can be challenging and time-consuming, so we offer a 10-week inspection specialist service.

Castle Minibus has a fleet of qualified engineers that will come to your school and complete these inspections for you, whether you’re an existing customer or not.

Call Castle Minibus on 01869 253744 or email us on today to find out more.

Confused or not sure about minibus management and compliance?

June 2023 update – The Minibus Compliance Course is now available online only, find out more here.

Written in consultation with a former senior traffic commissioner the Minibus Compliance Course (MCC) will give you a clear understanding of your responsibilities, legislation, permits, licences, drivers, maintenance, compliance and health and safety; including a walk-around minibus safety check.

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