We’ve been working hard to update the school transport manager app and we’re very pleased to announce the launch of STRIDA. Castle’s School Transport Record and Inspection Dashboard and App will help you manage your school’s vehicles and drivers from two perspectives.

The new app allows drivers to complete a quick 12-point pre-journey check, via their phone or tablet, the results of which can be managed from a dashboard by the School’s transport manager.

STRIDA logo - School Transport Record and Inspection Dashboard with App

The Dashboard for School Transport Managers

The STRIDA dashboard allows you to invite drivers to use the app and see the results of 12-point daily minibus checklists completed on the app and if any issues have been raised. Once issues are resolved you can update your records on the dashboard.

School Transport Managers will also have access to a more thorough 40-point weekly checklist and video.

  • Dashboard to view all drivers’ checks
  • Ability to add new drivers easily
  • Make themselves a driver for access to 12-point minibus checklist via the app
  • Access to daily and weekly walk around videos
  • Clear identification of any vehicle issues including images and comments
  • Ability to note when any issues are resolved for records
  • Comprehensive 40-point weekly vehicle checklist via the app
  • Peace of mind that all checks are being completed and recorded.

STRIDA dashboard

The App for drivers

Drivers of school minibuses are required to complete a minibus check before each journey but the practical problems of completing the checks, recording this has been completed and reporting any issues is a significant barrier.

With STRIDA you simply download the free app via an invite from your transport manager, complete an essential 12-point check list and hit ‘submit’. The vehicle mileage and safety check will have been recorded and you will have been able to provide details of any issues with comments and even include a photo.

  • Unique login for each driver
  • Daily walk around video
  • ‘Quick’ 12-point vehicle check with a green/red traffic light system
  • Ability to add photos and notes for any concerns/problems
  • Ability to use the app off-line if there is no internet connection
  • Peace of mind that the completed check has been filed with the transport manager.

STRIDA APP sign in and checklist screen shot

So, how does STRIDA work?

In six simple steps, you can be confident that your vehicle checks and driver records are up to date and compliant according to the Section 19 Permit regulations.

  1. Transport managers visit safety.castleminibus.co.uk and register an account – you only need one account per school from this account you invite multiple drivers
  2. Transport manager invite their drivers via the dashboard to register and get the app
  3. Drivers follow the link in the invite to register and create a password, they then download the app and use that password to sign in.
  4. Drivers complete and submit 12-point minibus checks via the app (a Wi-Fi connection is required to submit the check)
  5. Transport managers can also download the app to complete daily and/or weekly minibus checks – using their dashboard sign in details.
  6. Transport managers can see the results of ALL checks via the dashboard.

Watch our STRIDA video for guidance on registration and inviting drivers, downloading the app and managing the checks via the dashboard.

Or download the Powerpoint with narration.

STRIDA registration guide

The STRIDA app is free to use and your feedback is always appreciated via compliance@castleminibus.co.uk

Register for STRIDA now and download the app

Register as School Transport Manager for your school and start inviting drivers today. Registration is free and takes no more than 10 minutes to complete. Go to STRIDA registration to get started.

STRIDA devices

The STRIDA app is also free to download and available for both iOS and Android devices. You will need your email address and password to sign-in, which will be provided for you after registration or via an invitation from your School Transport Manager.

If you have any questions regarding school transport management, safety compliance or training, please call one of friendly team who are always happy to help, on 01869 253744 or email compliance@castleminibus.co.uk.