A safety inspection is like a mini version of a MOT that you have carried out throughout the year the DVSA recommends every 10 weeks to prove that your vehicle remains roadworthy.

Do safety inspections replace services and MOTs?

Safety inspections are alongside regular MOT’s and services, so they are on top of your required MOT and services every year.

Who completes minibus safety inspections?

It needs to be carried out by a person who is able to know the wearing of parts and is qualified in the mechanics of the vehicle to be able to sign off in their professional name that the vehicle remains roadworthy.

For best practice purposes, it shouldn’t be the same person who inspects the vehicle who also carries out the repairs and servicing on the vehicle. We’ll always recommend that as best practice, so you’re not having the same person inspecting their own work.

The government’s Section 19 Permit information states ‘you’re still responsible for your vehicle’s condition even if the maintenance is contracted out. Your permit could be at risk if the maintenance isn’t adequate.’

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Does Castle offer minibus safety inspections?

Here at Castle, we have a dedicated safety inspection service. We work with mobile fleet engineers that come on-site to your premises and carry out the inspections at your school or organisation. The mechanics then produce a fully documented report that is your evidence to keep. Signed in their professional name that your vehicle remains road-worthy until the next safety inspection and you need to keep those documents for at least 15 months as evidence of compliance with your permit.

The compliance team at Castle and myself are always willing to help, please do give us a call and we will help advise you on best practice and give you everything we know. However, if you do need further clarification, your local traffic commissioners will be able to assist you further.

Contacting your local traffic commissioner

More information on minibus safety inspections and Section 19 Permits. See section 11.3

If you would like to discuss Castle Minibus arranging for your safety inspections to take place on-site then please give us a call on 01869 253744 and we can tell you how it works and provide you with a quote.