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We want you and your fellow colleagues to have the best experience with STRIDA. If you have any issues please first have a look at our FAQs and if you still need assistance please fill in the form below and we will help you as soon as we can.

STRIDA PowerPoint Set up presentationWe also have a downloadable PowerPoint presentation which runs through the basic set up. Please click here to download it.

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FAQS and Troubleshooting

Can I re-invite a driver if they haven’t received my invitation email?2022-05-26T13:32:44+00:00

Yes. For privacy, we don’t make available the details of the driver to the STM until they have accepted the invitation. If you want to re-invite the driver you select the “Invite a Driver” button as normal.










I can’t log in to the App2022-05-26T13:32:50+00:00

Please check the following:

  1. Has your STM actually invited you yet? The App can be downloaded at anytime but you have to be invited by your STM (School Transport Manager) before you can use it.
  2. Have you received your Activation email and completed registration? Please check your SPAM folder if not.
  3. Do you have internet connection via WiFi or Mobile Network? You need some sort of internet connection so STRIDA can validate your account.
Can I be both an STM and a Driver?2020-01-13T09:51:25+00:00

Yes. Please select “Make me a Driver” in your Driver page of your STM Dashboard.





I can’t log in to my STM Dashboard2020-01-13T10:04:44+00:00

As an STM the login you created is for both your STM Dashboard and your APP. If you can’t remember your login please reset it here.

I can’t see any details on my STM Dasboard2020-01-12T09:14:05+00:00

This may be because you have just registered but you are not yet activated. If you don’t receive your activation email, please check your SPAM folder. If it is not there please let us know at and we will activate you. Please make sure you use the same email as the one you registered with when sending emails to us.

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