‘Castle Minibus has always run a re homing scheme for schools’ used minibuses; buying unwanted minibuses and re-selling them to community groups like churches and scout groups once they are MOT’d, serviced and given their 54 point safety check. It meant schools didn’t have to worry about selling their old minibuses privately; nor would they have to deal with tyre kickers, problems post-sale or seeing their old, liveried minibuses on the road but in the hands of new owners.

As an extension of this service and a natural progression from the leasing side of the business, Castle has launched a dedicated website for those looking to buy new or used minibuses. Castle’s stock of minibuses is exclusively from the education sector to ensure a certain standard of vehicle and assurances of its history. Chris Maynard, Managing Director of Castle Minibus, comments “Castle are Champions of Minibus safety and this is at the heart of everything we do. Our used minibuses are all ex-school stock and have been through not only an MOT and service but a trading standards approved 84 point safety check. With this Platinum Plus RAC warranty, we could not offer any higher levels of safety and service where our used vehicles are concerned.

Castle are based in Bicester, Oxford and are the only UK minibus provider to be an RAC approved dealer. The RAC warranty that comes with all Castle’s vehicles includes roadside, recovery and at home breakdown cover. Chris continues “We currently have a wide range of minibuses for sale and our stock is updating and changing all the time. We’ve even included a reservation and deposit option for schools to ensure that they have time to organise the funds they need for their chosen vehicle”

“Buy a Minibus has enabled us to offer schools a safe and reliable way to dispose of their old minibuses while saving them money on their replacements. Any school, whether selling or buying a minibus from us, can rest assured that safety is our priority; both the new and used vehicles will have gone through our stringent checks before delivery.”

For schools that are facing tight budgets and limited time to deal with buying and selling minibuses, Castle are happy to take old minibuses as part-exchange to not only offset the cost of the new vehicle but deal with the safe resale of the old vehicle.

Castle are leading the way in safety where minibus sales are concerned and have recently launched a course in partnership with the ISBA. The course, called the MCC (Minibus Compliance Course), covers the licencing, permit and legal side of school minibus operations as well as driver and journey safety and management. The course is delivered in two parts; a one-day training course followed by an on-site assessment.

Chris concludes “Most schools operate under a Section 19 Permit but we found that they did not understand their obligations to servicing and maintenance. Safety is a top priority, which is why we have included the required 10-week safety checks as standard with all our minibuses and have launched the MCC to educate schools about the safety standards their vehicles need to meet.”

For more information call 01869 255395 and to see details of minibuses for sale visit www.buyaminibus.co.uk