With on-board safety features and compliance to the Euro 6 emissions standard which is currently under scrutiny and likely to be in effect across European roads from January 2019, we wanted to highlight the importance of choosing a factory-manufactured vehicle for your school transport, such as the Ford Transit Minibus.

Superior emissions control

Vehicles using UK roads, along with all other roads in Europe, have been required to meet certain emissions standards since 1992.

The European Union regulations state;

‘The protection of air quality is a priority for the European Commission. Emission standards are currently in place for light–duty (cars, vans) and heavy-duty vehicles (coaches, buses, trucks), and for non-road mobile machinery.’ And

‘In March 2018 the Commission held a public consultation on its new proposal to improve the tests. The Technical Committee on Motor Vehicles (TCMV) voted on the proposal on 3 May. More on the proposal ’


‘Heavy-duty’ includes the factory-built minibuses supplied by Castle, and Ford share their high standards for performance and efficiency on their website;

‘A range of 2.2 litre TDCi HD diesel engines 125PS or 155PS RWD and which are Euro VI compliant, with 6-speed transmissions, deliver high levels of power and torque along with exceptional fuel efficiency to keep your running costs low. These advanced powertrains are also engineered to make journeys smoother and more relaxing for drivers and passengers alike.’ https://www.ford.co.uk/vans-and-pickups/transit-minibus/features/performance-efficiency


Ford Minibus

Emissions control features of the Ford Transit Minibus include;

  • More fuel-efficient gear changes
  • Auto-stop, for cutting the engine at traffic lights and level crossings, for example
  • Acceleration control which recognises the payload of your vehicle and allows for a reduction of up to 15% fuel consumption.

Superior safety features

The Ford Transit Minibus is one of the factory-manufactured vehicles that is specifically designed for the transportation of up 16 passengers and their luggage, rather than a light-weight converted van. It has a number of safety features, some of which are not included in a light-weight minibus.

  • Electronic Stability Control is an extension to the ABS and Traction Control System, which senses when the vehicle is losing grip and stabilises it
  • Curvature Control allows for greater safety when cornering
  • Emergency Brake Assist, allows you to achieve maximum braking effectiveness in an emergency situation
  • Roll Stability Control helps to keep your minibus grounded, particularly in an unloaded vehicle or uneven road surfaces
  • Driver, passenger, side and curtain airbags, along with side impact bars as standard make for an altogether safe journey.

As the best long-term solution for schools is leasing or contract hire, we have made sure that working with Castle reduces the stress and hassle of arranging and managing a minibus. If you would like to discuss the benefits of a Ford Transit Minibus for your school transport in more detail, please all 01869 253744, or visit the Minibus Leasing page on our website.