When you buy or rent a minibus from Castle Minibus you are not just getting a vehicle. Castle are Champions of Minibus Safety and we ensure that our schools start with all the education and safety measures needed to run a minibus safely and legally compliant.

You are getting more than just a minibus from Castle Minibus, you’re buying into a minibus safety system. We include over £2000 worth of extras to keep your school and drivers safe and compliant alongside a dedicated customer service and compliance team.

If you’re looking at comparative quotes be aware the additional things you’ll need to budget for, but that Castle includes as standard with their used or rental vehicles.

  • Signage and Logos – Castle will sign write your vehicles (limits apply) saving you around £300. Your vehicle will look great and be ready to drive from day one.

Delivery – Castle include free delivery saving you up to £400. To make sure that your vehicle is COVID safe and secure we follow a clear process.

  • 10-week safety inspections – Your Section 19 Permit requires safety inspections to be completed every 10 weeks by an independent qualified engineer (every 6 weeks for vehicles over 12 years of age). Castle works with two national partners to complete these inspections at your school and the costs are included for the duration of your rental agreement or for the first 12 months of a purchase. A further saving with Castle Minibus of £500 per year.

  • RAC Warranty – Castle Minibus is the only RAC approved minibus dealer.

The RAC would not partner with a dealership who didn’t deliver the best possible experience. We comply to a code that is Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) approved.

 – 82-point pre-sales vehicle check

All used vehicles have a 82 point check that is trading standards approved before they’re sold.

 – RAC Approved Preparation Standard

A vehicle preparation standard that all our vehicles MUST meet before they are sold. We are audited at least 6 times a year by the RAC to ensure we are  consistently preparing all our vehicles to meet these standards.

 – RAC Warranty

A 12-month warranty with every eligible vehicle to give you the extra reassurance in the event of something happening to your vehicle.

 – 12 months free RAC Breakdown cover

Every vehicle includes free 12 months RAC Breakdown Cover for your minibus.

 – Car Data Check

Evidences the vehicle you are buying isn’t stolen, written off or has any outstanding finance.

 – No excess to pay – there is no excess to pay when you claim on an RAC warranty.

  • Training – With every vehicle Castle sells, rents or leases access to Castle’s online Minibus Compliance Course is included. The course covers licences, permits, the vehicle, the driver and the journey. It contains all the information you need to run a safe and compliant minibus fleet as well as certifying staff who have completed it. This is a further saving of £195.


  • Daily & weekly minibus checks. Castle developed a free app and dashboard to save schools time and hassle completing and managing daily minibus and weekly minibus checks. A 12 or 40-point checklist can be completed on the app and its results managed from a dashboard.
  • Insurance – James Brown and Sons (Somerset) Ltd recognise that a Castle Minibus client is less likely to have an incident because of Castle Minibus’ high safety standards, especially if they have completed the online Minibus Compliance Course. MCC. James Brown and Sons Ltd have negotiated insurance rates that reflect the reduced risk that holders of the MCC represent and even allow a further 10% discount for Castle customers


  • Service and advice on safety and compliance – We cannot put a price on the advice, support and service our team give to our school customers day in and day out. From Section 19 Permits, to D1 training to guidance on weights, inspections and servicing. We have won the Arval Award for Customer Service/Maintenance for the last 10 years running.

There is more to running a school minibus than fuel and insurance. Castle Minibus understand this and are here to help and it is why we include so much with our vehicles.

Call us today on 01869 253744 or email enquiries@castleminibus.co.uk to find out more.